Access the skills of an experienced Controller without the costs associated with a full-time employee.

Your business may not be in a financial position to hire a full-time Controller, but you still need someone to fill that role for you—a person who really understands the books, who can advise and manage the accounting team, and can guide you, as an owner, on the best next steps to achieve your company’s financial goals. That’s where Reasonable Tax + Accounting can help.

As an on-demand, part-time Controller, RTA will:

• Oversee all accounting processes
• Provide financial perspective to ownership and management for business decision-making
• Handle HR functions including insurance and 401K plan administration
• Prepare and review income taxes
• Provide and review financial statements and balance sheets
• Create budgets, forecasts, and targets

My experience as a Controller is vast and varied; I have managed the books for companies with as few as four employees and as many as 130. I can assess an organization quickly and provide management with efficacious financial guidance that will help your business succeed.

I learned the American accounting system from the ground up, and did my time on paper ledgers. When computers became the accounting standard for business, I mastered many different types of accounting software. That kind of layered and practical understanding is vital for a Controller—the deepest knowledge grows out of a hands-on experience.

The expert and personal assistance I received from RTA exceeded my wildest expectations.

Calculator on the desk of a Controller for Hire
Financial charts generated by RTA Accounting

I’ve had a lot of gratifying moments as a Controller; I saved one company over $200,000 in yearly costs. Another company had been overpaying their state sales taxes for years and after a six month phone battle, I secured the return of $40,000. These successes are why I do what I do.

You need a professional with the expertise to spot problems before they become disasters. A part-time Controller who works hard, charges reasonable rates, and can show you how to get more from your money. You need RTA.

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