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It seems like our lives are more crowded than ever—the last thing you want to spend your already limited time on is taxes. Reasonable Tax + Accounting is here to make the entire process as efficient, thorough, and pain-free as possible. I start each new client relationship with an interview; it helps me gain a financial picture of you and allows us to plan which expenses need tracking throughout the year. My clients are thrilled with the time and energy this organized approach saves them, and the money it saves as well. Your taxes take less time to prepare, and you save the difference.

RTA has prepared returns for:

• Qualifying widows
• Real Estate professionals
• Multi-state filers
• Engineers
• Doctors

• Dean of students
• Nurses
• Electricians
• Lab scientists
• Salespeople

• Freelancers
• State’s Attorneys
• Retirees

Convenience is also key. Depending on your preference, we can work together in person, or virtually. You can submit all of your information to me electronically if you choose, and we will review everything on the phone before your return is E-filed. Or we can have a cup of coffee and go over things in person.

First-class service from a five-star accountant. Highly recommended!

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I've worked with every kind of situation and every kind of person in my decade of tax preparation, from the most organized individuals to the least. Each new client is a fresh challenge, and an opportunity for me to help.

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